• Rosa Cueto-Shea

    Rosa Cueto-Shea – Owner

    Owner of Tangerine Hair Salon.

  • Sheila Souza

    Sheila Souza-Manager

    Sheila hails from Southern California. She has lived in every state on the west coast and now calls Bend, OR home.

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  • Christine Harris

    Christine Harris

    She’s a native of Michigan who spent 17 years in Wisconsin, where she studied in Green Bay and also trained at salons in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Chicago and New York City.

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  • Ashley Abbot

    Ashley Abbot

    Ashley Abbott is a native of Bend and returned after attending beauty school at Portland’s Paul Mitchell Academy.

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  • Shelby White

    Shelby White

    Shelby his a native of Wenachee, Wash., grew up on the island of Oahu, and moved to Bend in 1995.

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  • Julie Owen

    Julie Owen

    This born and raised Alaskan spent multiple years doing aesthetics then finding her true passion for hair.

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  • Errilla Orantes

    Errilla Orantes

    Born and raised in Oregon, Errilla attended cosmetology school in 2002 with focus on hair design. She enjoys all aspects of cutting and coloring, being talented in both.

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  • Kaila Lundstrom

    Kaila Lundstrom

    Hello! I am Kaila Lundstrom. I have been a stylist and nail tech since 2007. I graduated from The College of Cosmetology in Klamath Falls, Oregon and joined Tangerine Hair and Essentials upon moving to Bend, Oregon in April 2012.

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  • Violet Grace

    Violet strives to deliver fine-tailored hairdressing with her strong technical abilities and continued education.

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  • Nikki Quarles

    Nikki Quarles

    Hi, My name is Nikki and I’m a native Oregonian! I’ve been in Bend for the past 9 years and I feel so lucky to live and work in this amazing little town. I’ve been doing hair for almost 20 years now, and I’ve never hated a day.

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  • Amanda Shevlin

    Amanda Shevlin

  • Brandi Dye

    Brandi Dye

    Brandi was immersed in to the fashion and beauty industry from early adolescence and has spent the last 15 years living her passion and doing what comes most natural; making people their most beautiful.

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  • Nicole Dunham

    Nicole is a born and raised Oregonian, that was born and raised in Lake Oswego, OR. She attended beauty school in Portland at the Paul Mitchell Institute where she was in the honors program.

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